Data Center Solutions

Because your most critical operations revolve around technology, you need an infrastructure that’s ready to support your changing workloads and organizational needs.

At AH Technology, we have the experience, expertise and objectivity to help organizations build IT environments that are agile, manageable and future focused while keeping operations running smoothly and costs down. We’ll help you transform your IT into a strategic business driver, so you can focus on long-term, innovative projects rather than day-to-day operations.
AH Technology builds virtualized and highly-scalable IT solutions that are automated, secure, and application relevant to advance the vision of our clients. Our solutions include:


  • Open Standards and Platform Selection

  • Cloud Strategy & Architecture

  • Cloud Automation & Orchestration

  • Converged Infrastructure

    • Storage, Network, & Compute

    • Backup & Recovery

  • Software Defined Data Center

    • Virtualization

    • Software Defined Networking

  • Data Center Infrastructure Management

  • IT process improvement, automation and orchestration services

Why AH Technology for Data Center Services?


To evaluate your current environment, we offer data center assessments — led by our experts and our partners — as well as health checks, IT consulting and assessments to help with data migration.


We’ll work with you to determine your specific technical requirements and identify the data center technologies that will work the best for your organization.


Our certified technicians can assist with hardware, rack and software configuration, custom imaging, asset tagging and tracking, implementation of your solution and migration of your data.